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Movie Reviews
(3 hours ago)shadylane Wrote: I believe both movies are on Netflix but not sure if that includes the Canadian version of the service. Bronson was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who I am absolutely obsessed with. So if you like that one, I would recommend looking into others he's directed.

The only one of Refn's movies I have seen, is Drive...and that was amazing.
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(3 hours ago)shadylane Wrote: I watched the new Fast & Furious movie and I don't know why. That was awful even for the low standard set by previous ones. Why are there so many flying cars?? Apparently when those people get behind the wheel, the laws of physics no longer apply.

Hey bic, speaking of Tom Hardy, have you seen Locke or Bronson? Probably my two favourite performances from him. Hardy has turned into one of my top 3 favourites. Locke is a pretty unique premise, and executed very well I thought. Bronson is more bizarre and had a Clockwork Orange vibe to it.

Also, The Drop
“Okay, I put just a little meth in there to get them addicted and keep customers coming back. let me make something else clear: I pissed in every bottle.”
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