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Movie Reviews
echoing comments about was indeed a funny movie. Certainly a different tone from the previous Thor movies

I had no issues with the Thor Hulk fight scene..Thor did have the upper hand, but I disagree that Thor should have been tossing Hulk around like a "ragdoll". Comic history has their fights often being a draw...they are close in power..and without Mjolnir, Hulk has an advantage. I don't know if Thor has ever decisively beaten Hulk.

side note...seriously...does Cate Blanchett age? its like she stopped aging once she hit 35! Happy

also...loved the soundtrack...had a 80s feel to it, like Tron or was a very Gaurdians of the Galaxy feel.
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ok i just saw Justice League.   

I thought it was good.  good humor, realistic action, to the point
Warning:  Brain May not be Engaged.
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