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NASCAR Discussion
Harvick is with Stewart-Haas now. Think this is his 5th season with them. Was dominant in his first 2 years with them, won the Championship in 2014, probably should've won it in 2015 too.

And yup, Harvick was a little miffed about the penalty. They had a side skirt issue too, something about how the brace was made of steel instead of aluminum or something like that. Accepted that penalty, but the back window bracing that failed and allowed the window to move like it did, isn't even mandatory to have any bracing, so didn't understand that. That's what I got out of his comments anyways.
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Hendrick Motorsports announced the #48 car of Jimmie Johnson will have a new primary sponsor next year. Lowe's is leaving the team.

Pretty big blow to Hendrick. Only FedEx and Mars Inc. rival the sponsorship dollars Lowe's has committed for that period of time right now.

Johnson just signed an extension this winter too, under contract until 2020. Might be hard to attract sponsorship for a driver near the end of his career. Just look at what happened to Matt Kenseth.
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