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NBA Offseason
(2018-07-04, 08:31 PM)Canuxxx Wrote:
(2018-07-04, 08:25 PM)RyeRocks Wrote: And projection is back in December.  You realize season starts in November right?

Well....on ESPN they're saying April/May.

I've seen countless speculation ranging from December to February.  Nothing much beyond that.

Either way, why are you whining?  Your favourite team turned down a chance to sign him before the warriors.  boohoo.  They took a chance on an injured guy when no one else wanted to.  Its not like the warriors got out in front of everyone and made this happen before anyone else could.
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Isaiah Thomas signs a 1-year $2 million deal with Denver to come off the bench. Probably a good situation to put up points with a high scoring offense and maybe turn that into a multi-year deal next summer.
 'The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.'
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Sounds like Melo is Houston bound.
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