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New Trump Thread
Wow, you're a spring chicken ZZ!

Your point is well taken. Never has won buffoon been so effective at unspooling the world order established at the end of WWII.
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And today POTUS ordered Bolton to invite Putin to Washington during the "Holidays"! Likely coming to take the Russian redhead home!
"Today is the best day of your life"
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(3 hours ago)poppabyrd Wrote: Wow, you're a spring chicken ZZ!

Your point is well taken.   Never has won buffoon been so effective at unspooling the world order established at the end of WWII.

So you’re saying there’s a New World Order. Silly
And Germany certainly pulled itself up since then, funny all these years later and they control Europe
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(6 hours ago)zapzac Wrote: Been thinking about this, and seriously, what could Putin and trump talked about for TWO HOURS?  ALONE?

Anyone take notes/minutes (not counting the interpreters)?

If you have meetings/negotiations, you have to have notes/minutes!!!!  Especially IF you cover a whole range of disparate issues.

WHO do you think retained the most accurate memories of what was said/agreed to?  The trained spy or the doofus?

Do you think the SPY might have been wired?

Not necessarily.  

All governments and their political or bureaucratic leaders insist on "strategic vagueness" to ensure they have "plausible deniability" in their discussions or decisions.  They will spend millions on "advice" in the form of a contract but also insist that there is no report or tangible deliverable... only "advice",  

The reasoning being, if they are forced to base their final decision on the collection, synthesis and recommendations of a specialty consultants report and, for political reasons, decided to do anything other than what was recommended, they would either be fired (bureaucratic) or not be re-elected (political).

The game is to say they acted on the "advice" of their specialty consultant and when the public wants to view the "report" there is nothing to see and then the "auditor general" (which holds very little power now) sweeps it under the rug in his report.  Also, a good portion of these contracts are awarded based on cronyism and usually to the same cast of government troughers!!

Every government known to man is punking the citizenship!! Of this, there is no doubt!
A leader without followers is just a person taking a walk...
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Listening to the pundits and rehashing all that had happened and was said, I have 3 comments:

- Trump still had to mention that "other countries or people" could have been involved in the election meddling, one breath after he had said that he mixed up "should" and "shouldn't. "There are many other people out there", he said. The man just can't say one sane thing without devaluing and emasculating it with an idiotic, narcissistic thing. Not that the should/shouldn't mix-up was believable or made any sense to anyone sane at all...

- Trump said something like "many found it obvious or it should have been obvious what I had meant". Even in his "clarification", the man shows no frickin' remorse and is still saying that people should have understood his intention, even though it's total bullshit, since that wasn't his meaning at all.

- I just thought about this: Trump NEVER really apologised for the very serious mix-up, proving once again that he's one of the most narcissistic pig in the history of the world, including some real winners on this list
Why is common sense not so common?
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