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New feature: embedding ESPN Videos
Embedding ESPN videos in posts is now supported.

Click the settings button (the icon that looks like a circular gear) in the bottom right corner of an ESPN video and copy the "embed" code. The code will look something like this:

<script src="[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true"></script>

It's easier if you copy it into a text document instead of working with it from the ESPN page.

Copy the long address that starts with "http://player" after script src= at the beginning. Make sure to copy it fully, up to and including the word 'true' before the closing quotes. Then paste it in the forum here between opening and closing 'espnvideo' tags.


Do not copy and paste the surrounding quotes from the ESPN script, just the address.

* Please note that ESPN frequently removes or updates content which may render the embedded video inactive.
Thanks given by: Unreal
Does TSNs work this way as well?
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I don't think so. TSN doesn't reveal the video URL in the same way to my knowledge.
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