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Off Season news & Notes
OK, but that’s not the rumoured scenario we’ve been discussing know, the one where it’s Devcore buying up the debt (which looks to have some legs to it). Why else would they be buying up that debt other than hoping to buy cheap after he defaults? Like AR said, they are a development group, not a financing group.
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That is why I doubt they are buying up any debt. They are a development group, not a finance group. Being able to purchase an NHL franchise in Ottawa does not mean they get to develop Lebreton. Melnyk is just a partner in Rendezvous Lebreton. If their goal is to develop Lebreton they have a pretty big company along with a number of other partners, whose bid has already been accepted that will have something to say about it.
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I don't believe the Devcore rumours like you NS.

I am explaining if the rumours are true, then what the implications are. They aren't as rosy as some fans with rose-coloured glasses think they are and they are quite potentially very dangerous. Not only that, if they are waiting for a bankruptcy scenario it's going to take longer than people realize.

If there's any sort of Lebreton powerplay going on it's within Melnyk's own RendezVous group. Ruddy, Minto etc.

The only reason why the Devcore rumour has some sense is that Desmarais and Power Corp was the money man behind the Devcore bid. Power Corp's Financial Services arm is ginormous.
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