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Offseason Thread - MLB
(2019-03-20, 01:03 PM)Canuxxx Wrote:
(2019-03-20, 10:31 AM)Unreal Wrote:
(2019-03-20, 12:00 AM)Canuxxx Wrote: No. It's a 10 yr $360M extension. The extension kicks in after his existing 2Y $66.5M remaining contract. No opt outs, full no trade clause.

Relative to the Machado and Harper deals, that's a bargain.

He deserves every penny. Mike Trout is on pace to be the greatest player of all time.

[Image: D2DgH5AWsAAkCT9.jpg:large]

those numbers are scary good!
If you need a sign to stay alive tonight, this is it!
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Spring training is almost done...season starts in less than a week...and Kimbrel still hasn't signed on with anyone.

Thats just crazy. One of, if not the top reliever in the game, and only a couple teams showing interest.

Now even if he signs, it's not like he would be ready for opening day (only so much you can do in private workouts..gotta get into game situations)

His asking price cant be so high that no one wants him.
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Keuchel still unsigned as well
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