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Oil @ Pitt. “The End Is Near”
Well the noose is tightening.

This will be a very interesting game. The last time we played Sid and crew, Sid had a night.  I am very interested to see how Connor comes out and plays tonight. He didn’t have a good game the other night, nor did many.  But throughout his career he has stepped up after a bit of a poor game and I am sure will want to win the battle with Sid.

Goaltending has been our sore point on most nights and no clue what we get tonight.  It has to be way way better.

The Pens haven’t been great of late going 4-5-1 in 10and Malkin is suspended. 

I think whatever super star steps up tonight, will lead their team to victory.  Just not sure who will. 

I don’t think this team can count on any secondary scoring to be honest, so hopefully we get 3 or 4 pp’s and score at least 1 and that top line grabs 2 and the Kostco stands on his head.

Good Luck Oilers
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