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Online time
hey everyone.

how much time daily on average do you say you spend online?  

this includes:


and for work...

so basically if you open an app or browser you are online.

I'd say 7 hours daily but more than half of that is work related.
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According to my screen time settings, I spend 1 hour and 32 minutes on the internet or social media a day.
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wow.. ya I bet. Wink
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According to my RATW profile.....6 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days, 7 Hours, 37 Minutes, 42 Seconds
I was warned about the dangers of getting old, but I did it anyways. 
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2 hours clothed , 45 seconds naked
"when the lights come on this whole place gets ugly"
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(2019-07-12, 12:42 PM)cflisthebest Wrote: wow.. ya I bet.  Wink

I don’t get it.
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On this site since it started:

4 Months, 4 Days, 17 Hours, 33 Minutes, 6 Seconds

Overall about 3-4 hours a day between all devices except my phone. My iPhone shows 4 mins 35 secs for July so far! I am a news junkie and have 2 subscriptions to Maritime newspapers as well as one to MyNews and Apple News+ and two music and 2 video subscriptions. Life is great very, very great. I am retired, no car no worries, none, Not POTUS, or not even PM Boy Blunder! Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool

Fakebook-about 4 minutes a month
texting- Zero, Nada don't text ever
chatting- about 3 mins since Jan01
twitter- Same as FakeBook
youtube- Never ever

and for work... Lol, Not anymore after I told my boss see ya in 2007 Laugh  Laugh

I use iPad and Mac but my time today is for shown for iPad only today! Dam I need a life Sad Silly

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Make Love to Whine and Cheese 
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Since 2014-9-19

2 weeks, 2 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes, 47 seconds.

Feels like at least 3 weeks.
I have sex daily. I mean dyslexia.
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(2019-07-12, 01:12 PM)Bong13 Wrote: 2 hours clothed , 45 seconds naked

Complete opposite for me.

45 seconds clothed - 2 hours naked.
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Never used to spend much time online until I retired. Then I discovered how many people were just wrong!
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
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(2019-07-12, 07:38 PM)Nanuuk Wrote: Never used to spend much time online until I retired. Then I discovered so many people how many people were just wrong!

Agree. My job at CRA in my final three years involved purchasing from pens and pencils to full building furniture purchases.Out of my 7.5 hour days likely 4-5 hours were online. So when I went home I would impose a full black out on the net! Retired in 2007 found the early day version of this place and have not been the same since. Shocked
Make Love to Whine and Cheese 
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Wow I must have another life

4 Days, 7 Hours, 38 Minutes
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days working.?.everyday i work i log on to my VPN(connected everywhere,even parking garages) and i'm connected for the 10 hours i work then i come home and log on to the web or Apps on my own Internet plan..its embarrassing but i'm doing something online about 12 hours a day.!
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Don't know how many hours, but;.... way too much

In five years, I have spend just over 2 months on line here.. That's probably half my t.o.line

Most of the rest is market watch, search and et cetera
 Proverbs 13:10
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