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Posting Pictures
Did a quick search for help on this subject, but it really did not answer my question.

How the heck do I post a picture? I get that there is an option to attach the picture to the post, but it doesn't show up and all I get is a blank icon with gobbeldigook to the right of the icon.
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Instead of uploading a photo you can hotlink to it on another website. Just right-click on the image and copy the "image address" then paste it between these tags:

[img]full address goes here[/img]
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Thanks Shady.

Is there a size limit?

I just posted the picture, but I feel it will be too big for the forum.
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Is this too big??

[img][Image: 29192280612_54086765fb_k.jpg]IMG_5296 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr[/img]
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I don't think we have any restrictions on photo size. I would say if embedded content makes a thread difficult to scroll through, it should probably be avoided, but don't see any issue with a large photo here and there.
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