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Puljujarvi Makes his 1st appearence for the condors tonight/ Monitor Thread as well
(2017-01-11, 12:18 AM)poppabyrd Wrote: Where is Yak now?

Part of Trump's Russian entourage?
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Oh he's got 6 points in 23 games.
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It is such a shame the Oilers didn't send JP down to start the season. If he needed a full year of pro hockey at the AHL, great his ELC slides. If not and he champed at the bit for a spot int he NHL, great too. The possibility of having a great young, smart and physically gifted prospect get 1 year of AHL experience and his ELC slide is simply too good to have passed up. That could have been basically 4 years of ELC to go with the re-ups to LD and McDavid in the next two summers.

Dallas was smart with Julius Honka and had him in the AHL for two seasons and his ELC slid both years. Vegas would be smart to pick him up, unless the Stars protect him.
Connor McDavid is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed
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1 A  for JP 1st game in a win for Bakersfield.  It's a start.
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