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RATW Christmas Tree
It’s Christmas Eve, and we haven’t yet put up a tree in the forum for posters to put gifts beneath. So, here’s the tree... feel free to put your gifts for your favourite posters underneath!  Happy

[Image: rustic-christmas-trees-burlap-ribbon-1541184042.jpg]
Thanks given by: Nanuuk , teamblue , ZappaScores , HaroldSnepsts
Ab you little devil you...

My gift is the latest best seller on the shelves... and it goes out to all of my Leafy buds in here.

"How to win an NHL playoff series for Dummies"  Silly 

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to all!!!

I've never been there before, but once I went there twice...
Thanks given by: CaperLeaf , teamblue
Karlsson just knocked the star clean off the top.
Thanks given by: teamblue , ZappaScores
Merry Christmas to all RATW members
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