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Raps sign Jared Sullinger
1 year 6 mill....

should be an improvement on Biyombo of the bench.

better shooter...slightly better rebounder
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He actually may start at the 4 depending on what else happens.

IMO, he's an upgrade on Patterson. 6M considering what else has happened in the NBA recently, is a pretty good deal for a PF who can get you 12 and 8 with some regularity.
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Actually a very good deal considering what guys have been signing for.
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With next year even more money available there is big incentive for him to have a huge year. Good gamble by the Raptors
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The Boston Herald reported that Sullinger turned down multiple offers, including one for twice the money, to sign in Toronto.

Should be a motivated guy, as he's probably betting on himself to start at the 4, put up 15 and 10 with some consistency, and then go get himself some o' that ridiculous Mike Conley money next year.

He'll likely be one-and-done as a Raptor, but he's an intriguing player if he can keep his weight down.

Dude was talked about as being a top 5 pick but then dropped because of concerns about his back.
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