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Rules and moderation info

The rules outlined below apply to forum posts and extend to the private message system (PMs), signatures and content included in images or attachments.

1. The most important rule is to treat other posters with respect and don’t make it personal. No matter how heated an argument may get do not attack, bully, belittle, insult, bait or troll other members. The goal here is to provide a welcoming, civil environment for everyone. Use common sense when interacting.
Flagrant derailing of threads is also not allowed, especially in Off Topic. If you wish to start a discussion on a new topic please create a separate thread for it.

2. All moderator decisions must be respected. If you have questions or concerns about a decision, you must take it up privately with the moderator who issued the decision via PM or email the administrators at Complaining about moderator decisions in public or disrespecting our volunteer moderators will not be taken lightly.

3. Please take advantage of our ignore feature as needed by clicking "Add to Ignore List" on the member’s profile page. Their posts and private messages will be hidden from you and they will not be notified that they're being ignored. Click the Report button at the bottom of a post to notify moderators of posts that may break the rules. Reports are sent privately and only the moderators will be able to see who made the report.

Criticizing or mocking other members for using the Report feature is not allowed. Moderators can't possibly read every post on the site and rely on the report system to bring offending posts to their attention.

4. Do not post personal information of other members without their permission. This includes posting links to accounts members have at other sites such as Facebook or Twitter, Youtube channels, etc.

5. You can bash other teams in your team's forum, but you may not troll or bash in the other team's forum. For example, if you are a Leafs fan, you may bash the Habs in the Leafs forum but not in the Habs forum. However, posting legitimate opinions in other team forums is welcomed.

6. There is no bashing in Hockey General. That forum is home base for fans of American teams and is to be limited to civilized discussion free of trolling, baiting or bashing.

7. Any derogatory comments based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated and may be met with stiffer penalties than a warning. Graphic sexual discussion is also not allowed.

8. Swearing is permitted, to an extent. Any use of the F-word will be filtered out. Excessive swearing will be frowned upon and dodging the filters to spell out profanity will not be allowed. Profanity in thread titles is not allowed. This is in the interest of providing an environment that is welcoming to everyone.

9. Religious discussion and criticism is allowed in the Off Topic forum but please refrain from inflammatory comments as this is a sensitive topic for some people.

10. When quoting another user’s post, do not edit their text with the intent of mocking or insulting them.

11. You agree not to post any Adult/Nudity, Defamation/Libel/Slander, Copyrighted or other unlawful content. There will be zero tolerance for these violations.

12. This is not the place to ask for money, donations or transactions involving money. This includes affiliate or referral schemes.

13. Advertising other websites or businesses is not permitted. This includes using hyperlinks in signatures to external websites. Moderators will edit or remove such content.

14. Spamming the forums will result in a permanent ban.

15. Only one account is allowed per person. If you’re caught creating multiple accounts all of them will be disabled. If you cannot access your account for whatever reason, email and an administrator can help you restore access.

16. Avatars and signature images are allowed, however use common sense when adding one. IE. do not use animated gifs, videos or other media that disrupts the flow of conversation, draws attention away from content in posts or significantly increases page loading times. Moderators reserve the right to edit or reset your signature if it violates this rule.

17. If you copy and paste articles from other websites into posts, a hyperlink to the article's website address must be included to give proper credit. An exception to this rule is content behind a paywall, which is not allowed to be posted on the forum in full at all. You may copy and paste a small section of the article that is relevant to discussion, but we wish to respect the copyright owners and authors of original content.

Here are the people who make up the mod team. They are giving up their time to help us maintain and continually improve this community and we expect posters to treat them with respect. Thank you to anyone who has showed interest in becoming a mod. As the site grows, so will the need for new moderators.


These members are not only here to keep the peace but are also available to answer questions and offer help regarding the use of this forum. Feel free to PM any of them.

1. We will be using the warning function this forum provides. Each time a member has a post deleted or edited due to violating the rules, that member may be given a warning.

2. Repeatedly being warned for the same infraction will result in a short suspension. If a member continues to break the rules after receiving a suspension, longer-term suspensions may be issued. Simply put, if you can’t reasonably demonstrate the ability to follow the rules, your posting privileges may be revoked.

3. In more serious cases, such as the use of racial slurs or severe personal attacks, an immediate suspension may be issued without a warning.

4. Suspension length is at the discretion of the moderator team/administrators. As stated above, do not publicly discuss suspensions on the forum. If you have questions or concerns regarding moderator decisions you must take it up privately with a mod.

If you have been suspended or cannot login for other reasons you can contact site admins for help at
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