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SI Vault: Cris Collinsworth's rookie season

Some funny stuff in the article.
This was published in Dec 1981. The Bengals finished in the Super Bowl where they lost to the 49ers.

The article mentions his possible enrollment in Law School at the U of Florida. He eventually enrolled in Law School at the U of Cincinnati his final season with the Bengals (got his degree, never wrote the Bar).
And he married someone else.

The article also mentions Oiler cb Greg Stemrick who died this summer...
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My dad had a subscription to S.I. , I remember reading that article as a kid. I remembered reading about his Porsche 924.

I also remember reading an S.I. article on the Cowboys training in the weight room at their training facility in the off season and a row of Mercedes 450 SL's in the parking lot, including one that belonged to Randy White.

Joe Montana had a Red Ferrari 308 and dating a blonde newscaster. Dwight Clark had a jeep and was dating former Miss Universe Shawn Weatherly. Things you learned by reading S.I.

Walter Payton was given a Lamborghini Countach by the Bears.
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Yeah, that magazine is the source for a lot of crazy ass trivia.

Speaking of Randy White:
There was an SI article on Raider linebacker Matt Millen. In his final year of high school, Randy White visited Matt on a recruiting trip for the U of Maryland, his alma mater. They ended up in the schools weight room, where Matt challenged Randy to an arm wrestling contest. Randy won, effortlessly; Matt didn't take this well and proceeded to pick a fight which he also lost. On leaving, Randy said something to the effect of: "Well, I guess you're not going to Maryland, but I'll see you in the pros." lol

Matt went to Penn State.
"Sheeeeeeeee-it" ~ Senator Clay Davis

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Here's some career stats for Collinsworth:

8 seasons, 4*1000+yrds seasons, the first three years he was in the pro-bowl.
His qbs were Kenny Anderson (81-83), Boomer Esiason(84-88)

He did surprisingly well for himself, given he's a stick boy.
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