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San Diego Chargers to relocate to Los Angeles for next season
(2017-01-12, 03:37 PM)Cornholio Wrote:

Saw this yesterday. Did they outsource their branding to a local high school student? I can't believe they were even allowed to go with that logo. Is that not a violation of the Dodgers trademark?
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Mets and Yanks have similar, but different NY combos.
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(2017-01-13, 05:04 PM)RyeRocks Wrote: Mets and Yanks have similar, but different NY combos.

The Mets' is basically the old New York Giants logo. They wanted to re-adopt the NL tradition in New York.
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ah cool.. didn't realize that
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I think the Chargers got so much flak for that logo that they said that was just to announce the move and not the "real" logo.

I don't know how to post twitter posts but there are some funny ones at the Chargers expense in this link.
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