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Sean Avery at it again?
He was on his IG on the 4th of June saying that from HIS sources from Toronto that Kadri has been traded to the Jets for Trouba. I think nothing can be announce until the playoffs are fully over and or til July 1st.

Now just for the sake of chatting it up, would this be an ideal trade for both teams or is it lopsided and for who?>
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Trades can be consumated and announced at any time.

The NHL forwns upon news being announced on game days but, if the trade was done a week ago, it would have been announced.

Of course, there is essentially zero chance that Sean Avery has this information and none of the actual insiders get anything on it for over a week.

As far as the trade goes, Trouba is an RFA and is likely going to demand $7M plus - with the Leafs current cap situation......
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(2019-06-11, 10:39 PM)zapzac Wrote:
Crap. Sry everyone. I don’t come on here as often anymore so things that has been talked about. I don’t know what has or hasn’t. Sean Avery is a tool. A nvr has been tool. I bet ya he still feels good about hisself as there’s an Avery rule in the rule books. Oh and the sloppy seconds remark on national tv. He’s a real class act. NOT!
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I do think Kadri is being shopped.  Fool me once...
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