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Sens/Pens Game 4: Down and Dirty
Karlsson tried his ass off, but we needed that PP hustle earlier. The better team won, even if the refs were shit for both sides
If you need a sign to stay alive tonight, this is it!
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Close game at the end, our shitty PP was the difference. Need to bring more intensity for game 5.
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Special teams as a whole. The 2nd Pitt goal was on the PP where they left Sid wide open.

The first PP for Pitt was very good even though they didn't score. Took the momentum from Ottawa's great start away and they didn't look back until late in the 2nd.

They may have screwed themselves in Game 3 making Fleury look so bad. Murray may prove to be the difference. Ironic that the boring Sens could lose the series by scoring 4 quick goals.

But Pittsburgh has another injury on the blueline. That should work out to winning one of these 3 games.
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