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Sportsnet: Blue Jays fire trainer, strength coach as part of front office shakeup
TORONTO – The Toronto Blue Jays have fired long-time assistant athletic trainer Mike Frostad and head strength coach Chris Joyner, according to multiple industry sources, while also making changes to the business side of the front office.

Frostad, a Calgary native, spent 22 years in the organization, the past six as the assistant trainer under head trainer George Poulis. Before rejoining the big-league club in 2013, he served as minor-league medical co-ordinator.
Joyner spent 11 years with the club over two stints sandwiched around four years as the strength and conditioning coach for the Milwaukee Brewers. He rejoined the Blue Jays in 2011 on the minor-league side before getting bumped up to the majors in 2014.

The changes come after Ross Atkins alluded to communication issues in the club’s high-performance department during his season-ending meeting with media. The Blue Jays created the department before the 2016 season and dramatically expanded it before this season, when 25 players used the disabled list 31 times for a total loss of 1,408 games.

Atkins said last week he felt like he let down Aaron Sanchez and Devon Travis and noted that, “there were times in the season that I was frustrated, our players were frustrated because of some of the inefficiency of our communication.”

“That happens in transitions, so that’s on me, that’s where I’ve got to ensure that doesn’t occur,” Atkins continued “… and when we are touching players with information and potential options and potential decisions to be made, that we’re much more streamlined, cohesive and leading that process.”

Among the front office changes were Sue Mallabon, Mal Romanin and Erik Grosman, three long-time and very highly respected members of the club’s communications department.
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I wondered a few times this year whether some of the training/coaching were a reason for the many health issues especially the two guys mentioned!
It is What It Is and Life Goes On!
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That's quite the purge- I hope the replacements are an improvement.

Shanahan did the same thing after evaluating (firing virtually all traces of Burke) and it's been a massive improvement.
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A version of Trump removing all things good things Obama done.
It is What It Is and Life Goes On!
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Interesting about the Sanchez/Travis news. It seemed like at the time, there was a disconnect, but now it kinda makes sense
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The Mets and Mariners have made similar shake-ups in the past month. I think part of the impetus in these situations is that things (ie. injuries) can't get much worse so why not try something new. As well as the front office wanting people who 100% fit into their philosophy. It's often easier to bring in someone who already checks all your boxes instead of trying to change what's already there.

I'm not sure I buy the changes to the ball as a reason for Sanchez's injury. There are quite a few other pitchers with high spin rates on their curveballs who didn't have a problem so I'd look at something grip-related or mechanical first with him. Or maybe he just returned too soon after the first fingernail/blister issue which compounded the problem throughout the year. That might line up with the failure in communication Atkins alluded to.
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