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Sportsnet: New Rockets owner interested in bringing NHL team to Houston
I think Pouz was more so referring to the suggestions of Hamilton and Kitchener
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Specifically Kitchener.

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(2017-10-12, 08:33 PM)topgun Wrote: Wang tried so hard to get to build an arena with zero funding from the local government for about 20 years with zero government cost and all efforts were rebuffed. He tried to get it build by redeveloping an area with profits subsidizing the arena. Wang offered amenities to the local government to get the project approved but they dug in their heals.

It's not so much the local area but it's the greater region that you draw from. Seattle has a population of about 600,000 but the Metro area is almost 3.8 million people.

When I read numbers about Seattle like that I never understand their lack of a team. Especially with the proximity to Vancouver
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(2017-10-12, 10:43 PM)Pouzar Wrote: Specifically Kitchener.

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The Kitchener area they has 2.7 million people within a 45 minute drive. The numbers really jump if it gets to within an hour's drive. 

Also the Southern Ontario TV market is a very large one. The local radio and TV rights will generate a TON of cash.
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(2017-10-11, 11:24 PM)tm123 Wrote: Carolina to Houston, Arizona NJ to Seattle, NYI to Quebec City.

 F f you

 and move the Panthers to Kitchener. I have been yammering for a team in Kitchener for 3-4 years now
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