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Sportsnet: Vince Carter to the Raptors?

Found this article interesting. Likely wouldn't have a major impact in the playoffs, but could definitely be a steady defender and a possible deep threat. 

Would Raptors fans be interested in having him back?
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don't think he'd be a help...think they have better bench options as it is.
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Good god no. They should trade for him, then put him in the G-league and burn his jersey in front of him and send him home with pay never to play again.

You don't put a known quitter back on the court. Ever.
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It's been reported that the Hawks are going to buyout Belinelli. I'd rather have the Raps sign him than VC.
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No way!
Vinsanity in Toronto?
That is so 1998.
Les Canadiens de Mont Royal vont gagner la Coupe Stanley trois fois au cours du 21e siècle

Nostradamus 1552
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I know a lot of fans would love this, I just don't see it as a fit. Was surprised to hear Ujiri offered him a contract last summer.
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