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Sweden World Championships/Pettersson
(2018-05-09, 06:11 PM)topgun Wrote:
(2018-05-09, 05:54 PM)Canuxxx Wrote:
(2018-05-08, 04:38 PM)trapper Wrote: Boeser for  Draisaitl.

Oilers need cap space and a scoring winger for McD the canucks need no 1 center.

Works for me.


I wouldn't trade Boeser for Draisaitl. Boeser is going to be a perennial 35+ goal scorer in this league. He's one of those rare one shot goal scorer. Tough to find those. Plus, we already have our future #1 center - Elias Pettersson.

When Dry Saddle doesn't play with McSavior his stats lack. When he centres his own line they get outscored and out chanced. Then add in his huge cap hit. 

I like Leon as a player, he's great as a winger that enhances a top centre but one that doesn't enhance his wingers in the same way when he plays centre. 

Not that I would describe Leon as a fire hydrant with his skill set but as Glenn Sather once said about a generational talent that helped BJ McDonald get 46 goals and only to be traded away, "Even a fire hydrant could score 46 goals playing with Gretzky"

McDavid made Patrick Maroon have a career season. It's the equivalent of the Sedins who had MANY linemates have career seasons to get big pay days.

  Please name one. Don't say Burrows, because he made THEM better
Phill 2:10-11 
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