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Team ain't missing a beat without Scheifele
Just sayin'.
Give Marc Bergevin some credit.
(He'll pay you back with -10% interest.)
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Team's got one of the best offensive depths in the league.  We'll see how they're doing in 3 or 4 weeks but hopefully they can ride it out..

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They've got healthy scratches who can put up points right now. It's pretty remarkable.

The depth I worry about is their D. Buff, IMO, was their 4th best dman, so not crucial IMO.

Lose a Truba, Morrissey, or Myers... that'll hurt the team a ton. As would a loss of Helly.
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As if to show you all that I know what I'm talking about:

Dano gets drawn into the lineup, and promptly puts one on the board, and if not for some stellar tending by Jones, Roslovic puts up an apple too.
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