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That save on Krejci
With just over 3 minutes left, wow...that was a huge stop for us.

Andersen has shown time and time again he is the backbone of this talented team. But man, the way he has played the past three games, he has been remarkable.

He isn't flashy in the nets. He plays to his size very well. Follows the puck well, excellent lateral movement, good rebound control and he maintains his composure.

Clearly, he is this team's MVP. That says a lot considering the seasons Tavares, Marner and Rielly had.
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Definitely looks like he is all in for these playoffs.
The energy on the team definitely looks contagious and hope it continues.
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(2019-04-16, 09:53 AM)MisterZ Wrote: Clearly, he is this team's MVP.

there is no doubt in my mind, all 3 games he was our best player.
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That save was awesome. Our top line has been great as well.
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We are seeing the best out of him and I bet it's because the team is finally playing a complete game in front of him. Would of been hard to stay motivated having the team put in half was efforts all the time. Now the teams laying it all on the table and I think that's helping Freddie

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