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The Iceman Cometh...Back...
After much rumour rumbling, Chuck has confirmed he's coming age 48...

Another fight with Tito? Fine. He's at least your generation and you already whooped his ass twice. Jon Jones however? That's a death wish...
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Good God!
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Coming back for more brain damage. At least Tito wont hit him.

The scary thing is if he wins and starts thinking he can beat anyone relevant.
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I always wanted to see Liddell vs. Dan Henderson when they were in their primes. Don't really want to see it now that they're both 62 years old!

There's no senior division in MMA Chuck!
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I will watch it if it happens, however I won’t pay for it.
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Is he broke or just plain stupid?
"Oh mischief, glorious mischief...I do so love it!"
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He didn't he enter the Bellitore Heavy Weight Title Tournament?

The UFC already has to many fighters, no need to bring back washed up old dudes.
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It wont be with the UFC. Sounds like it'll be with Oscar De La Hoya's new mma promotion.

Like Nuc, I'd probably watch it, but wont pay for it.

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