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The Oilers and the Lottery
(2018-01-08, 08:56 PM)MisterZ Wrote: During tonight's 2nd period intermission, the TSN panel did a piece about the Oilers' woes. They are currently in a lottery position. 

What are you thoughts if this team, once again, wins the lottery and ends up picking first this summer?

Then I would think they would pick Dahlin, and hope he improves linearly to the point where he's needed when they're contending for the cup....maybe by the time his ELC is up?.....he's a prospect that is sorely needed on the Oilers roster tho.....that's obvious

Winning a lottery doesn't help shit, and those that continually bitch and moan about the Oilers possibly winning a lottery are misguided. It hasn't helped for the past few years, and it won't help NOW if they win it again.....

The Oilers need to start putting winning seasons together starting NOW ....Dahlin isn't going to help in that regard...

Although, they DO need to build up their depth.....something that is sorely lacking.
A good draft is needed...not a bloody lottery win

Start drafting for needs...not the BPA
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If they had a centre or 2 on the cusp of making the big club they wouldn't need to sign Drai to that contract.

The Oilers also need 2 top 6 scoring wingers. A few bottom 6 players.
Connor McDavid: "It's great to be a part of Edmonton for the next nine years.  Money aside, I just want to be here, play here, & win here."
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(2018-01-19, 10:14 PM)OilWings Wrote: If they had a centre or 2 on the cusp of making the big club they wouldn't need to sign Drai to that contract.

The Oilers also need 2 top 6 scoring wingers.  A few bottom 6 players.

  Against Vancouver the other night, they were solid defensively. They need to keep that up.. and they have the skill guys a plenty. Need the grinders who check well.

Dunno when our two teams meet again, but it should be a good game if we are healthy. Jets looking solid, too .. beat us 1-0

I really don't think Edmonton needs any major changes.. just fine tuning, and let the team 'jell' .. and keep Lucic and Kassian going. Those guys are Gold
Phill 2:10-11 
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(2018-01-13, 04:33 PM)Pouzar Wrote: I don't necessarily agree that there were "better picks" - that may turn out to be true but it not definitive at this time.

Yes, of course, at this time M. Tkachuk has had the better career and looks to be the more material player, however, they may not be true as early as next year.  I believe that Puljijarvi remains the higher potential player and he's taking strides and may meet that potential - he may not though.

  Matt 'chuk is still just 19 and imo is a gem of a pick. Everyone hates him except a million people in Calgary.. He is like a NeelyTocchet. Palyarvi is more of a skill guy.. like a Selanne maybe. Looked good last Sat night

 I bet that 5 years from now, P arvi will have more points in that season than kay Chuck.. but if I am drafting.. back then, I takeMatt.. he is kind of a testy s.o.b. Not little, not huge, big enough. Think Dave Lumley with a bit more skill
Phill 2:10-11 
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Puljijarvi is 6'4 215 and he doesn't turn 20 until May.

He will probably end up around 230 or so.

Although he has skill and speed, I don't see the comparison to Selanne.

Its still up in the air what Jesse will develop in to - at worst he's a very solid 2nd ilne 200 foot player as he's got a great hockey IQ and is already a responsible defensive and 2-way forward. At best, he's a first line 40 goal scorer.

Likely somewhere in between but he's ahead of where Drai was when Leon was 19.
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Oil are sitting 8th last with a pretty favourable schedule ahead so don’t worry folks, I don’t think the Oil are bad enough to finish bottom 5 and even bottom 10 is up in the air if they continue to play even close to the way they have been the past 4 games.

By favourable schedule I mean that they play 17 more divisional games and they are 9-2 against the division this year losing only to LA (recently) and Vancouver in game 2 of the season.

The games outside of the division they only play a team currently holding a playoff spot 6 times. The balance are against teams not in a playoff spot.

What will be down right hilarious is if the Oil finish out of the playoffs and out of the bottom 10 but they win a lottery spot because the NHL changed the rules essentially because other owners , media and fan based cried enough because the Oil were getting too many good picks.

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If the Oilers do miss the playoffs, which is highly likely, the best case scenario is:

1) Oilers win the first lottery from the 10-14 position - the hockey world will freak out; and

2) flames miss the playoffs by one point and win the 2nd lottery - the NYI will get a very nice player with the flames 1st round pick.
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