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The Random Stat thread....
Yeah that is what I was going to say. Probably not a coincidence that two Orioles lead the way.
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The 2017 Indians, as per Jordan Bastian are closing in on the 1996 Braves pitching staff, for the best fWAR in history.

1996 Braves 29.5
2017 Indians 29.2 right now

Will say this though, the 1997, 1998, and 1999 Braves all rank in the Top 10 too.

FWIW for Jays fans, 2008 was the Jays best season pitching wise at 23.3. Tied with the 1949 Red Sox for 52nd all-time.

The rotation that year (by starts)

A.J. Burnett (34)
Roy Halladay (33)
Jesse Litsch (28)
Shaun Marcum (25)
Dustin McGowan (19)

David Purcey (12)
John Parrish (6)
Scott Richmond (5)

Bullpen (by WAR)

Scott Downs
B.J. Ryan
Brian Tallet
Shawn Camp
Jesse Carlson
Brian Wolfe
Brandon League
Randy Wells
Jeremy Accardo
Jason Frasor
Armando Benitez

Only used 19 pitchers the entire season. Far cry from 33 this year.
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Also, the 1995 Braves were 30th all-time, in only 114 games. Just 5.3 WAR from the record with 48 games to go. Was on pace for well above the mark the 96 team set.
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Twins are now 20 wins better than last year after winning tonight. Record is the 1999 Diamondbacks, won 100 games after only winning 65 as an expansion team in 98.
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Could be wrong, but I think Shin-Soo Choo broke the record when he hit his 20th the other night. 30 HR hitters are the new 20 HR hitters?
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