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The Score: Blue Jays are OUT On Encarnacion.
(2016-12-07, 04:12 PM)shadylane Wrote: Let's face it, they acquired Pearce to play mostly 1B. The fact that he can fill-in at LF is just a bonus if/when their yet-to-be-acquired starting LF gets hurt or needs a day off.

A rumour from this morning is that Edwin's not even receiving offers of 3/$60M at this time. I feel like he'll eventually sign for something around there though. The Jays would have to get creative but there might still be a way to fit him in if his market value remains around $20M per season on a 3 year term.

They wouldn't have added Pearce's salary however, AND Edwin at that rate to the roster. So, an offer as follows might make sense:

2017: $13.75M (the difference of $20M and Pearce's salary)
2018: $22M (we'll assume Pearce is traded mid-2017 season or in the '17-18 offseason)
2019: $17.25M
2020: $16M (team option with $5M buyout)

So Edwin's guaranteed $58M for 3 years if the Jays decline his 4th year option. If he's still hitting well at age 37, then they pick the option up at a rate likely to be in line with what he'd be worth as a free agent anyway. And EE gets the stability of remaining with the Jays for an additional year.

And in order for the 3/$58M guarantee to pay off for the Jays, EE will have to be worth somewhere around 2 wins per season. Which seems pretty achievable IMO.

The 2019 salary also accounts for the possibility that the Jays are not in contention. $17.25M isn't a prohibitive amount if he's still producing and they want to trade him.

At this point I bet Edwin would even consider what they offered him this spring, 2 years plus 2 option years lol
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Apparently it's down to Jays or Indians.
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Him going to the Indians would definitely make things quite difficult for the Jays.
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Turns out I was a little off on the numbers above but nailed the $5M buyout and 2020 option. Wrong team though. Silly
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