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The "Thanks" button
I notice confusion - even scorn - from posters on RATW RE: the "Thanks" button.

Perhaps they don't realize that it is essentially equivalent to FBs/Twitter's "Like" or Reddit's upvote.

One poster who joined fairly recently has the following statistics:
Thanks: 0
Given 112 thank(s) in 107 post(s)
This person's obviously a great contributor, having been given "Thanks" by many of those who know what the button is for - but hasn't seen fit to show appreciation by pressing "Thanks" even once.

To give this and other posters the benefit of the doubt, perhaps Announcement(s) should be posted, explaining what "Thanks" are for, and encouraging posters to use the button as appropriate.

/Decreasingly Thankful
Give Marc Bergevin some credit.
(He'll pay you back with -10% interest.)
Thanks given by: MisterZ
What kind of scorn have you noticed?
Thanks given by: MisterZ
(2018-04-11, 05:35 PM)Unreal Wrote: What kind of scorn have you noticed?

One poster remarked (I paraphrase) that the button was useless, as far as he could tell, but he announced that a particular post deserved it (as far as he could tell).

I think people are just thrown off by the label of the button vs. what I am assuming is its intended use. Who knows: Perhaps some are waiting until they see a post that makes them truly thankful - and they've yet to see one.
Thanks given by: MisterZ

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