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The Warriors it is
Man....what a ride folks. Y'know I kept my eye on the Raps this year, kept an eye on them in the standings. Even though I might've not seen every game during the season I kept wondering whether or not this Raps team would finally get it done. Once they dusted off Orlando after the 1st round, the next 3 series they grinded through, the Sixers, all coming down to 'The Shot'....and once they got past that series, things didn't look great when they dropped the 1st 2 in Milwaukee. The Raps ran off 4 straight wins. Against Golden State, facing the Warriors' dynasty, I wasn't sure what to expect but felt it would be a 'coin flip' series. Seemed like the whole KD story was hanging over the series initially, 'Will KD return or not?". They insisted he'd be back....but by then the Raptors were establishing themselves in that they could hang with these Warriors & didn't let the 'Dynasty' phase them. Some folks will suggest that a healthy KD would've given the Warriors the distinct edge over the Raptors. Well....the Raptors won twice in the regular season even when the Warriors had KD in the lineup full healthy. Some folks down south want to put an asterisk next to the Raptors' championship because they didn't face a Warriors team with a healthy KD in the lineup. No way. That the Raptors could march into Oracle, in front of that hostile crowd, and win all 3 games in their barn....that's how you win a championship folks. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their 1st championship by strolling into the Forum in Los Angeles and taking all 3 games down in Inglewood. So it's been done before. Happy

Congratulations to the Raptors. Grin Masai pulled the ultimate gamble by trading for Kawhi and it worked. Pascal, Freddy VanVleet, Norm Powell, Serge, they all stepped up in the playoffs. And Kyle Lowry finally erased all those past disappointments. Kawhi made the players around him better him and showed them what it took to win the title. Coach Nick Nurse pulled all the right strings. And now nobody will crucify him over that timeout in Game 5 anymore Lol. Laugh

The Raptors finally have their place among the teams that can call themselves 'Champions'. It's been a long time comin'. Grin
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(2019-06-16, 07:03 PM)Sportking Wrote:
(2019-06-15, 06:32 PM)RATW-Leafaholic Wrote:
(2019-06-15, 10:52 AM)Unreal Wrote: Good points - Leonard does have another legit shot at a championship next year if he stays.

I really have no idea what he'll do at this point. Nothing he said after they won seems to indicate the Raptors are a favourite.

I personally would think that if he resigns here then Masaii will make whatever moves needed again to get us over the hump.i would also try to keep the main 8-10 guys and dump the rest..June 30th we will know a lot more about what Kawhi's plans are.

Leonard,Lowry,Green,Ibaka,Gasol,VanVleet,Powell,Siakam,and Anunoby .keep these guys and send the rest to the G league..this team is rolling in cash so spend as much as is needed to fill our holes

Is there not a cap. Are the Raps pretty much tapped out aside from their own ufas which they can go over the cap to sign. The NBA salary cap is confusing

They'll probably have a few mid-level exceptions, but they can bring back the team as-is, assuming Green re-signs.

Siakam and Anunoby should improve, and VanVleet too, perhaps to a lesser degree.
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