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Toronto Star: For Anthony Bennett... It's Still the NBA or Bust

Interesting piece from the "whatever happened to..." department.
"Obviously, probably, you know, scoring probably helps." - Carey Price
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From a financial perspective, Bennett is set. As a 1st overall pick he's made over $16.5 million in his NBA career already.

Even if he doesn't make it back to the NBA, he'll have the freedom to do whatever he wants with his life.
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He still needs to be very careful with that money because it has to last him the rest of his life. Someone could burn through that very quickly
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Would be cool to see him carve out some semblance of a career in the NBA. He's homegrown talent from Brampton and it's be cool to see a someone from youe hometown make it big (not a fan lf Tristan Thompson)
If you need a sign to stay alive tonight, this is it!
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