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Trade Announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(2017-01-14, 07:36 AM)Viable Wrote: When is the expansion draft? I doubt anyone will make any trades before then? Obviously, if there was an opportunity for a really good deal they would have to take it though.

It may actually have the opposite effect once the date gets closer with teams looking to get some value back if they have a decent 2nd goalie or 4th defenseman or 9th forward.  Similar to the trade that got the Leafs Andersen.

The Leafs are pretty well positioned with a lot of their young guys expansion exempt though.
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The ducks are in a tough spot. They have 4 very good D man and can only protect 3. Fowler was the most likely to get dealt before the season but he is having a great season and is a key part to the Ducks back end
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Yeah, Fowler has arguably been their best d-man this season. I can't see a team with Cup aspirations trading him at the deadline.

I think they'll probably end up losing him in the Draft. His contract expires after next season so they'd probably be losing him anyway. It just so happens that it'll occur a year earlier than they'd anticipated. As a 26 year old offensively-gifted d-man, he's going to get a raise from that $4M. The Ducks have Theodore ready to step in anyway.
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I think the ducks try to move Fowler before the expansion draft. Losing him for nothing makes zero sense. Fowler is a guy I wouldn't mind the leafs targeting as long as the price is right.
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Yeah I suppose they could still keep him for a playoff run and then shop him to a team that can actually protect him.
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So someone bring me up to speed, seriously. We can only protect 3 D as well, so I dare say if we got Fowler would The Leafs keep those above who I have not crossed off? Just wondering!
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Zaitsev is exempt from the expansion draft. Right now if the draft happen today the Leafs would protect Rielly, Gardiner and Carrick.
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^ yeah, and they seem pretty high on Carrick so I doubt they add a D until after the expansion draft.
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