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Two penalty shots awarded on the same play
I've never seen this before. Wow!

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Wow. that's all I got
Subban, voted most overrated player in the entire league by his peers. 
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That culprit is Oilers' prospect Dimitri Samorukov - He's one of Russia's top players in this year's tournment (or should be) and is wearing an "A" - tough shift.

Samorukov had a goal and assist to go along with these infractions.
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Today is the day that Samorukov truly became an Oiler.
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He probably thought he could get away with the second trip because the ref's arm was already up.
But nope....that's not how it works.
"In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane."     Oscar Wilde
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The best part was watching the Swiss coach reaction for the penalty shots.
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