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Tyler Myers' baby
An unscheduled C-section 5 weeks before the baby was due, his "left the team for personal reasons" in my mind is even more justified now than ever before. He spent his time, as I did, at St.Boniface Hospital's NICU. The quality of people working there is greater than anyone I've ever met.
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Congrats to him, must be an awesome feeling!
If you need a sign to stay alive tonight, this is it!
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I was expecting this thread to be about the size of the baby, lol.

Good to hear.
I come from downtown
Born ready for you
Armed with will and determination
And grace, too
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Bic, the feeling is a horrible roller-coaster ride. Knowing you're going to be a dad is amazing, then finding out there is a serious problem, and then thinking that your baby might not make it is the worst feeling you could imagine, actually, dare I say unless it's happened to you, you really can't imagine. I mean, there is literally nothing you can do to fix it, it's entirely in the hands of the medical staff, all you can do is hope/pray/whatever you do. Then, they say "ok, looks good, you can take your baby home now" only to get home and watch as your child has a stroke? On to children's now.

Just a horrible feeling. And should you get through it all, and end up on the other side, then the most amazing feelings happen. You never forget, but that makes you all the more grateful.

I'm not sure where he is on ride, I'm hoping he's on the upswing now.
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