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Underrated story so far this season: #ShotgunJake is on pace to score 28 goals this season.
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As long as Jake is hitting players (which he is), he makes an effort to go to the dirty areas(which he is) then to me his goals are just a bonus because he's creating room for him teammates. When he's perimeter Jake he's of little value. Travis Green seems to be getting through to him.
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Because of the way Jake plays, he's going to have to drop the gloves eventually. That's the one thing I'd like to see him do. The reason is simple. If he isn't fighting, then guys on the other team are going to take runs at the Canucks better players if they can't get at Jake. He doesn't have to drop them often or anymore than a guy like Dustin Brown drops them, but eventually he will have to learn how to account for his more intense style of play rather than waiting for Roussel to intervene.
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