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We're past the halfway point...
(2019-01-22, 11:05 AM)Stevie_Y Wrote:
(2019-01-07, 07:30 PM)Ryu65 Wrote: At this point, do not risk holding on to any of our unsigned UFA's including Stone and Duchene. If they're not signed before the deadline then please just trade them as I'm going to lose my shit if they walk for nothing at the end of the season.

I'm really not in the blow up team corner, because this team isn't that bad and a few tweaks on defense and  in net would make us a contender but it all starts with signing Stone and Duchene so if that doesn't happen, then you trade them and start over again.

What is your bar exactly? They were DFL last week, and just went on a decent streak. They need serious upgrades.

Lol I don't come to that conclusion based in standings alone but I obviously see your point. Sometimes (not saying this year) the difference between playoffs and not is simply great goaltending. Good teams are victimized with shit goaltending while bad teams get made to look better due to solid goaltending.

This year our offense has been above average, definitely something to be proud of when they're on. Our defense has given us glimpses of the future with surprising play from Chabot, Lajoie, Demelo and Wolanin, all of whom I think exceeded expectations this season already.

What we're missing is consistent goaltending and veteran presence on defense and next year I guarantee we will be better (if the core remains signed)
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