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What next???

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Maybe when he's down there he'll find Jimmy....

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da Hayes Bros.
[Image: Jimmy+Hayes+Kevin+Hayes+70ClgV3lrB6m.jpg]
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
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Hmmm. I didn't know that the Hayes boys are cousins of one Matthew Tkachuk.

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(2017-07-16, 09:40 AM)FlameFilosi4 Wrote:

I hesitated to post this, as the podcast is an hour long, but hey it's summer time, and a good filler.

Its Johnny Gaudreau, Kevin Hayes, Ryan Whitney and the host of "Spittin Chicklets", a Boston talk show. The boyz sit around b.s.'ing hockey stories and it gives some perspective into their lives -

-learn why Burkie does that with his ties.
-Hear about Johnny walking around with his bonus check in his pocket.
- find out why he loves the idea of Mike Smith in 3 on 3
- here them all talk up Backlund's game

All sorts of insight told with a Boston accent. Worth a listen.
Jesus...lean how to set your mic levels....
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