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What's wrong with the Jets?
Habs made them look sick; now Sens have jumped out on top. This doesn't jibe with the Jets being a favourite to come out of the West.

What's going on? Can anyone explain it?
Give Marc Bergevin some credit.
(He'll pay you back with -10% interest.)
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Laine has been in a scoring slump of late....

Looks like the Jets will be in line to make a similar move to last year, picking up another centreman for their 4th line perhaps.
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I predicted a slump after the all star game. 3 games in a row, one of those being an OT loss to San Jose. So really, 2 games playing poorly back to back ending up in losses.

Buff just got back, Morrissey missed games, some shakeup happened to the core. They'll figure it out quickly, the game against Buffalo was a good example of remembering how to play.

Ehlers should be back soon, that'll shift guys around the lineup too.

Nothing really wrong, just not normal to see a 3 game skid for the Jets.
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Maurice has been riding that top line hard all year.  In some of their losses of late they've looked kind of worn out to me.  That and Laine's on a terrible slump.  I'm sure they'll be fine though.  All teams (well except Tampa Angry ) go through rough patches.

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