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It's 2019 and Roger Federer still rules the tennis world. Federer just advanced to his 12th Wimbledon final and will now face one of his arch nemesis Novak Djokovic.
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Strong performance from Roger. I'd pick Novak on Sunday, but hopefully we get a good match.
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Was an amazing match. Really too bad Roger couldn’t close it out, especially when he broke in the 5th set.

Djokovic is just a machine. 16 Grand Slams.
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It was 40-15. He had two championship points. Gotta be the most painful loss of Federer's career.

Federer is amazing though. 30 in tennis is considered old. Sampras retired when he was 30. Federer will turn 38 next month and he's still one of the 3 best players in the game.
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That was insane - I had to watch on a replay knowing who won and it was just so damn entertaining (and I'm a guy who records Oiler games and other sports and will ensure I don't find out the result before I get a chance to watch).
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