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World Juniors thread
I don't think it's sour grapes to complain about losing in a shootout when you've been criticizing the shoutout for its entire existence. Many of us have been pretty consistent in our hate for a skills competition deciding an extremely meaningful game.
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(2017-01-09, 06:36 PM)ckendall Wrote: It is a tough way to decide games in the knock-out stage, Yes...but the IIHF isn't planning on changing the rules just because Canadians don't like it. They don't bow down to whatever folks in Canada have to say. It's their tournament...not Canada's.
Such a strange take...

I dont get it.

It's not about who won or lost for anyone commenting here.

It's about how the game was decided.

Lol...I think we all understand who puts the tournament on.

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The U.S.A. won the gold fair and square. They were the better team overall and deserved the win. I don't think it has anything to do with the way in which it was ended. I think if there had been overtime until someone scored, the U.S.A. still would have won. 

We were beaten by our own ignorant political correctness, not by a shoot-out. The days are gone where we can put out anything less than our absolute best 20(or however many) players and still expect to win. If that's what Canadians want, then let's just go to participation medals for all, with a giant heartfelt group hug from all the wonderfully diverse team members at the end. 

Good grief. Icon_rolleyes
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