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the Trump thread.
(Yesterday, 04:28 PM)Cornholio Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:49 PM)SNLeafaholic Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:28 PM)Cornholio Wrote:

LMFAO..!! you see this as a troll attempt..? bud..its called the writing is on the wall and Donnie boy is too stupid to understand so he makes stupid tweets..!! this is a tidal wave of pissed off Americans(coast to coast) and come November 2018 when the GOP is crushed we will see vastly different tweets from this douchebag.!! i'm also geussing that between now and then the heat from Mueller will cause DOTARD to make goofy bullshit accusations like usual...classic comedy this is..!

This might be a good time to consider weaning yourself off your pain medication.
Just a thought.

You do mean good time for POTUS to wean off his meds for his treatment of delusional thoughts. Fake tweets I see!
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(Yesterday, 04:27 PM)Cornholio Wrote: Just back from the march, and his purse swinging is in perfect form.

Let's put 'em together for our favorite white knight.
Beats the forum asshat

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The rebuttal defending Trump is really....................something
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“Anarchy is law and freedom without force.
Despotism is law and force without freedom.
Barbarism force without freedom and law.
Republicanism is force with freedom and law.”

Immanuel Kant

Just wondering where some people stand in their political beliefs if these are the criteria. Have to say it seems the US is heading towards Barbarism with their sights set on Despotism.
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