Poll: repeat winners or new winners every year..
repeat winners
new winner every season
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would you rather see multi repeat winners or new winners ?

what would you rather prefer?

teams winning 2 or 3 or even 4 Cups straight?

or a new team winning the Cup year after year?

simple question..
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I always tell myself that I want a brand new winner but then I end up changing likes and dislikes more then my underwear so I can't really answer that.
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I'd like to see someone create the perfect team and win 3 straight Cups. watch the hard work they put into each season and playoff run.
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I prefer dominance, for awhile at least. Of course it's alot better if its your team being the dominate one. Even in individual sports, I loved it when Tiger Woods was the best and when Federer was king.
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Bah! I like drought breakers. so Vancouver, Buffalo, The Wild, the Preds, and ok for the guys in the East: Ottawa, Toronto and even Montreal.

With so many teams, repeaters are going to be scarce as hen's teeth
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I really cheer for underdogs, so I liked when the Caps, Blues, etc. broke through. Wouldn't mind seeing the Sharks somehow get one for the Old Man or even CBJ.
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I like seeing both. Mainly want to see the Oilers win one more during my life.

Also no wins between Calgary, Vancouver & Toronto!
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