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This bulletin board is currently closed. The Administrator has specified the reason as to why below.
11:00am EST, Tuesday: To say this is going slower than expected would be an understatement. Still no update from the Tapatalk migration team.

3:00am EST, Tuesday: Migration is 90% complete but the transfer of data to the new server remains slow. The site should be up again on Tuesday but a firm time is unknown.

7:50pm EST, Monday: Still no confirmation from Tapatalk that the migration has completed. Rest assured the site will back online as soon as possible.

4:15pm EST, Monday: The forum is offline while content is migrated to Tapatalk's servers, which unfortunately is taking longer than expected. There is no ETA at this time but this space will be updated with the latest news when it is known. I anticipate/hope that the site will be up and running on Tapatalk Groups by this evening. Thanks for your patience.