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Full Version: another CFL player shot to death
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Former NFLer and current Saskatchewan Roughrider Joe McKnight was shot to death today by a 54 yr old man.

all because of an argument during a traffic issue.  totally senseless and ridiculous!
That's horrible.
Wow. I've followed his career since high school. He pissed off a lot of people in his native Louisiana when he chose USC over LSU. He was the top rated player in the state, the top rated RB in the country, and in the discussion for best overall player IIRC. It was a huge shock at the time, LSU always got the best players in the state, and he grew up an LSU fan from a lot of reports as well. But that was USC's hey day, and the bright lights of LA were just too tempting I guess.

Had a decent career at USC, but not like what was projected for him at one time. That is just crazy for this to happen to him. Hope they find the killer!
He was excellent in a brief stint in Saskatchewan.

So sad...such a senseless death. Just 28 years old.

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By all accounts McKnight was a great guy.

Current and former teammates that have responded on social media are crushed.

What's even more awful is that by all accounts McKnight was trying to apologize for the incident when he was shot.
Man, that's just horrible.
Trying to apologize?
Here is the Sheriff's account of the incident: (20:40)

(explicit language at start)
I had to stop after 15 mins.
The first 20 minutes is just a lecture. He opens the Q & A at 20:40 of the video.

Essentially, McBride initially cut Gasser off in his car which triggered a chase session, (where they both took turns following and leading) while shouting at each other through open windows. This went on for several blocks.
They eventually halted at a traffic light, Gasser being surrounded by cars, McKnight was on his right, got out of his car, and from forensics was leaning towards Gasser's front passenger window when he was shot.
The people in the surrounding cars were distracted and poor witnesses.

Was McKnight trying to get into Gasser's car???