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Full Version: Raptors 2016-2017 Season
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This forum isn't getting much action, so I figured I'd make a thread for the season as a whole. 

The team is doing fairly well, with DeRozan specifically elevating his game. They're virtualy undefeated against teams below them in the standings (except against Sacramento), but just can't seem to win with any consistency against the top top teams. 

Their losses this season:
Cleveland X 3 (1st in East)
LA Clippers (3rd in West)
Sacramento Kings X 2 (10th in West)
Golden State (1st in West)
I REALLY liked the Toronto Huskies jersey they wore last night. Toronto colours, says Toronto right on the front, and was just a nice crisp jersey. 

[Image: huskies-img-2.jpg]
All the losses against Cleveland were very close games, 4 points or less.

Winnable right to the end.

Then of course there was the loss they were absolutely robbed against the Kings when they waived off what should have been the tying shot.
(2016-12-09, 10:41 AM)Chris D Wrote: [ -> ]All the losses against Cleveland were very close games, 4 points or less.

Winnable right to the end.

Then of course there was the loss they were absolutely robbed against the Kings when they waived off what should have been the tying shot.

I think for the Raptors to be truly competitive (i.e. for the NBA Title, not just generally), then DeRozan needs to be able to maintain this level of play. And then on top of that, they need to get slightly more out of some of the depth guys.

Like you said, they were close in those games against Cleveland, but they ultimately still lost. The threshold between winning/losing can often only be a handful of points, and that's where squeezing a couple extra points out of DeRozan and the depth guys can move the needle from a L to a W.
DeRozan continuing at the elite level he's been at is a prerequisite to Toronto finding success this season. DeRozan has really improved his mid-range game, shooting 37% from 8-16 feet two years ago to 53% this year. DeRozan will likely never be an elite deep ball shooter but he's become a big time mid range player.

I agree with you tml, they will need better, more consistent player from some very inconsistent depth players, specifically Ross and Patterson.
After losing to the Warriors last night, the Raptors are now 1-6 vs the top 5 teams in the league.  Their only win came against Houston.  It's frustrating to watch because they are a really good team but they don't seem good enough to compete for the title.
Raps were the better team after the first quarter...

but man what a horrible first quarter. 42-17?

to only lose by 11 is a positive after that start.

as far as the other games against the top teams...other than last night, they were all very close games that could have went either or two possession games. block on one end, followed by a score on their own, and its a different result. that said...I think they were always going to be in tough to come out of the East anyway...but they are still a top 2 team in the East.
The Raptors don't seem to have that 3rd or 4th guy behind Lowry and DeRozan. If you look at the contenders, GS has Durant and Green, Cleveland Smith and Love, SA has Tony Parker after Aldridge and Leonard, and the Clippers have a ton of higher end guys. Carroll and JV were supposed to step into that role but neither can really compete at the high level. Until the Raptors get a third guy like that they can be competitive but ultimately will need Lowry or DD to completely go off to win a conf final.
I feel like JV would be that guy if they utilized him properly. I can see why those Cousin's rumours won't go away though.

One thing the Raptors seem to be doing well is developing their own talent. Powell, Nogueira, Siakam, etc. seem to be making real strides.
I thought JV could be that guy watching him in the playoffs this year but he seems to have lost a step this year and his quickness doesn't seem to keep up with other players. Powell is a beast. I could see him developing into a solid starter given the opportunity to supplant Carroll. I think Siakam and Noguera top out as second unit guys.
Make that 1-7 now vs the top teams as they were just blown out by the Spurs.
Demar voted as a starter for the all star game.

Good on him..fully deserving! Having a great season
another tough loss tonight...without Demar, they lose by 2 to the Spurs.

valiant effort in defeat.
Since I signed up for league pass the raptors have lost nearly every game. Oops.
things getting ugly for the Raps. lose in Minny, after leading most of the game.

have now fallen to 4th in the standings..and Atlanta only .5 GB of them.

at this rate, they won't have home court in the playoffs.

Raps 1 point Sad
I saw a rumour TSN that they're interested in Gallinari.  Maybe they could get Kenneth Faried as well.  They probably don't have the assets to do that, but it would be great if they could.
Big win tonight over the Celts...

New additions Tucker and Ibaka making their presence felt and making a difference in their first game.

Ibaka with 15 pts, 7 rebounds....Tucker 9 pts 10 rebounds off the bench.

Derozan with 43 points...

and they were able to overcome an early deficit, and won with a big 4th quarter despit the absence of Lowry.
That was an impressive win for Toronto, especially being down 17 in the 2Q.

I don't think the absence of Lowry was all that big of a deal, and in fact I may even go as far as saying it actually benefited them. CoJo is much better at guarding the quick PGs like Thomas, and he (along with Ibaka providing help in the 4Q) really shut down IT late.

DeRozan had a big game, though I was confused why Stevens stuck Brown on him most of the game as Smart is a much better defender.

Ibaka and Tucker both made their presences felt in the scrappy department.
Lowry to undergo wrist surgery and will hope to be back for the playoffs

Obviously a massive loss

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